Custom Design & Houston Kitchen Remodeling

We bring your Kitchen ideas to life.

We understand that a kitchen is the heart of every household. It is for this reason that we want to transform this space into a lifestyle that you deserve and enjoy. We cater for all of your needs and members of your family. If you are a painter, then we are your paint and brush.

Custom tile backsplash

It does not matter whether you are in need of a modern, midcentury, contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian design; we begin every project we find by first listening to what the client wants. Just to ensure that we understand what you want, we will create a model that will demonstrate exactly what you want. We discuss all ideas and only start the project if you are satisfied with the model you see. Working with you in this manner will ensure that you realize your vision fully.

Our designers will offer guidance in the many selections that we have for you. We are all about lifestyle, and we understand that is precisely what you want. Our employees are ethical and have been certified by top agencies to do what they do.

Why PLM is the Best Kitchen Remodeler for You

We are passionate about what we do and take a good time to plan and come up with what the client wants. Our design team have a background in architecture and engineering and are always up to the task of coming up with designs that will fit your desires.

Houston’s Kitchen Remodeling Leader

We got you covered for any slight or huge installation that you would want to do. Here is a list of some of the services that we can offer you. Any customized service not mentioned below is welcome.

  • Reconfiguring and removing a wall.
  • Light configuration (this includes but not limited to the following recessed canisters, switches/outlets, having LED under counter tape lighting, pendants, layered). We will provide the brand of your choice and install appropriately.
  • Cabinet hardware installation (this includes pulls, knobs, and hinges). We will bring the brand of your choice.
  • Kitchen sink installation (this could be any kind including stainless, granite, cast iron with porcelain, fairclay.)
  • Any electrical installation.
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures including faucets.
  • Tile installation (both flooring and backlash). We will provide the brand of your choice.
  • Countertops installation (granite, laminate, travertine, Acrylic solid surface or quartz.)
  • Flooring installation (tile, wood or laminate.) We will provide the brand of your choice)

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Installations

PLM can help you to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home. We can look at what countertops and flooring you have or are moving to, and give advice on what colors best work for that combination. Our design team can let you see what it will look like before we even install it. Sometimes your vision of what you want the kitchen to be isn’t already set up the way you like. PLM can remove walls put the appliances where you want them and give you exactly what you want.

Remodel with Marble or Quartz Countertops

People love marble countertops, we do too but there are alternatives that also can be just as stunning. We have countertops in various materials that we can show you to complete your kitchen. Come by the showroom to see some of our options for kitchen counters.

Custom Tile Accents your Kitchen Countertops

Having a nice beautiful countertop is great, but when you add custom tile work for the backsplash it becomes something even more beautiful. We have many samples in our showroom for different styles of backsplashes to compliment any countertops you could choose for your kitchen remodel project.

Add an Island to Your Houston Kitchen

An island in your kitchen is a great way to add workspace or to get more function out of your kitchen area. It can add additional seating for gatherings or break make the room feel more comfortable. PLM can create the island for your kitchen.

kitchen island

Kitchen Flooring

You don’t want a brand new kitchen with old floors, PLM can install new flooring for your remodeled kitchen to finish the look. We can do custom inlays for your flooring that match your backsplashes or create intricate patterns.

What We See In Your Home Stays in Your Home

As we remodel your house, we understand that privacy and respect is a top-notch ideal for our customer. That is why we have a highly trained staff, which will finish the project efficiently so you can get back to your new kitchen.

For the past three years, we have become the number one choice for services Kitchen remodeling in Houston because of our work ethics. We complete all the work we do on schedule and leave everything arranged very neatly. We will be in constant communication with you throughout the project.